"We are Known By The Companies We Keep Since 1963"


T & M Services is committed to meeting or exceeding all of the requirements within each specific contract.  We perform our duties in such a way as to enhance our clients business and provide them the quality that they deserve.  While doing so we will remain true to our own code of ethics and conform to all applicable state and federal laws and regulations.  We will remain environmentally conscious in selecting materials, equipment and cleaning processes.  Where the client shares with us their vision and mission we will comply to the extent that the financial constraints of the contract allows.
The standard of something as measured against other things of a similar kind, the degree of excellence of something. In terms of importance there are 3 elements factored; cost, scope, and quality of service. At T & M Services quality of service is what we consider to be of the up  most importance and have held ourselves to a degree of excellence for over 50 years. We adhere to a certain level of quality with scheduled inspections from management, feedback from our associates, and our dynamic approach to improvements and re-evaluations.

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