Recreational Clubhouses:
From your boardroom to your card room, pools to pro-shops we can keep your community clean and green. Daily, Periodic and Special needs cleaning from functional and daily use areas to special needs tasks such as shampooing carpets to scrubbing and waxing floors.

Medical and Research Facilities:
Our team continually reviews OSHA and the EPA's cleaning guidelines. We refer to OSHA for guidance on safety and training, and the EPA on all cleaning process fluids and chemicals. We are your medical cleaning partner that you can trust to establish a program that meets and exceeds all your necessary protocols.

Daily Cleaning

Choose from once-a-year cleaning or weekly maintenance.

Carpet Cleaning

Clean businesses attract customers – and they're healthier for your employees!

office services

A clean office helps promote a healthy, productive work environment.

deep Cleaning

We'll use some elbow grease to make everything right as rain.

window cleaning

We have window-cleaning solutions.

Day Porter Service

Cleaning is more than just sweeping. Let us help you get everything in order.

Quality Cleaning For Your Facility

Are you tired of dirty nooks and corners in your homes or offices that never seem clean? It is time to call in the experts! At T & M Services, we provide exceptional and thorough janitorial services that include residential and commercial cleaning – at prices you can afford.  

We’re Versatile - That’s What Makes Us Different 

We take pride in not limiting ourselves to conventional cleaning services. Our commercial services include every possible facility you can think of. From homes, school/university campuses, car dealerships, to churches and synagogues – our expertise and experience is far-reaching. We also offer daily cleaning and day porter services!

Feel free to get in touch with us for further information.

Schools and Educational Facilities:
Whether part of an office campus or a free- standing educational system, we can meet your specifications to clean classrooms, cafeterias, labs and administrative offices to ensure cleanliness, orderliness and safety.

Office Campuses:
Our experienced team is ready to keep your bistros, cafeterias, medical offices and fitness centers as well as your corporate offices ready to provide your employees the most pleasurable and safe working experience possible.

guaranteed quality  cleaning services

Religious Facilities:
The sanctity of your facility is important to us, Our processes keep the maintenance of your environment as clean and welcoming as possible. From offices to the pews we desire that each and everyone of your congregants in the mindset of a holy atmosphere. Our view of environmental stewardship is something you can be happy to proclaim to your current and future members.

Automotive Showrooms:T & M Services has always specialized in Auto Showrooms, Our proven system has made some of South Florida's most prestigious auto showrooms looking their best. We can meet your specifications from cleaning your showroom windows to keeping your garages presentable to your most discriminating customers.

"We are Known By The Companies We Keep Since 1963"

T & M Services