"We are Known By The Companies We Keep Since 1963"

T & M Services


Headquartered in Pompano Beach Florida , T & M Services has taken “Green” to another level. With over 50 years of commercial cleaning operating experience. T & M Services is ever mindful of the need to keep abreast of the environmental impact. As such, we have taken major strides to modify traditionally held methods of cleaning protocol to better take care of our customers, employees and our environment. We offer a whole business approach, not only focusing on commercial cleaning but also helping other businesses and individuals “Go Green” as part of their overall Corporate Social Responsibility. Our view of Green cleaning is not just about chemical substitution but goes further as a complete janitorial system utilizing ecologically responsible cleaning equipment and processes to improve indoor air quality, and to protect your health, our natural resources, and our environment.

T & M Environmental Services is like a family.  We hold our employees with respect and dignity,  In a business climate that is often exploitive of employees we understand that our employees are our face to the world and our clients.  We invest in building, educating and providing ongoing training to instill their taking pride in what they do and giving them a sense of self-worth and value; we treat them like we want to be treated.

T & M Environmental Services strictly adheres to all federal, state and community laws regarding sound hiring practices.  Prior to employment, all T & M personnel are thoroughly screened by our Human Resources Department.  Each applicant for employment is interviewed face to face at our offices in  Florida by experienced employment specialists.  Each applicant is required to complete a thorough four page application.  Only when the applicant meets our standards; background, personal reference and work history checks are they made an offer of employment.  We demand these rigorous standards are met to ensure quality personnel.


We do back ground checks on every staff member at a local and national level. 

Each on-site employee is neatly dressed in a T & M Environmental Services uniform to assure easy identification and crisp professional appearance.  Employee photo identification badges are provided.

Every work crew is under the direct supervision of a group leader, whose responsibility is to assure the quality of service.  Daily communication and site visits are also audited by Regional Field Supervisors and random Management team inspections and “Walk Throughs” to ensure quality work and client satisfaction.


T & M Services Inc. is an equal opportunity employer. All necessary employment forms will be maintained by our office as required by law.


E-Verify is an Internet-based system that compares information from an employee's Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification, to data from U.S. Department of Homeland Security and Social Security Administration records to confirm employment eligibility


Our digital time clocks feature cutting edge technology and sophisticated time keeping software .We use a biometric attendance system that uses fingerprint recognition technology to identify employees when they punch in and out. In addition to our wireless time clocks, this provides cloud-based time tracking software enable us to monitor multiple job sites at once.Cloud computing technology ensures that our data is accurately recorded in real-time and stored securely on servers for retrieval. You can’t do that with a mechanical time clock!

We carefully screen all products and use chemicals that are based in new Green cleaning technology.  Today’s safer cleaning chemicals are primarily comprised of Hydrogen Peroxide, Phosphoric acid, D-limonene and Soy based products.  We use safer, effective chemicals that adhere to the four primary tenets of Green Technology: They must come in recycled containers, the containers must be recyclable, they must come in a concentrated form to reduce carbon emissions associated with manufacturing and transportation and finally they must be dispensed through a controlled measure dispensing system for accurate concentrations that will minimize the overuse and over application of materials. These chemicals are designed to be effective using cold water which is safer, economically sound using less water and saving money on water heating expenses.  These chemicals also save on building maintenance costs as they are not as corrosive as traditional chemicals and because of the minimized direct application methods there is no splash on base boards and walls that requires additional cleaning and repainting.  

Micro fiber technology is at the heart of Green Cleaning.  We no longer use traditional mops or buckets, this method is less effective and does not adequately protect against the reinoculation of bacteria and virus’.  We use the highest quality tools available to do the job right.  Our experience in knowing what the right tools for the job are and how to apply the many different methods and applications for cleaning save you time and money.  This will provide a safer environment for all of your building occupants and visitors.  The cleaning materials we use are more effective and economical.  Longer lasting Microfiber towels and flat mop heads provide ten (10) to twenty (20) times the life over traditional mop heads and terry cloth towels and don’t leave behind dirt, dust, strands or fibers.  This is the key to lower building related respiratory ailments; by trapping and removing the dirt from your environment.  We remove and launder these towels and mops after each cleaning, bringing fresh and clean towels and mops each time we clean.


T & M Services Inc. will furnish and maintain the most advanced cleaning equipment inclusive: floor machines, buffers, carpet extractor, vacuums, maid carts, mop buckets, wringers, mops and brooms.

We are proud members of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), the International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA), the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) and the Building Services Contractor Association International (BSCAI).    Our programs are designed to comply with the best practices and requirements for all of these agencies and the US Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED).